An electronic forum for the discussion of the implications of subjectivity and community in Cyberspace.

We are all dwelling in cyberspace, coursing through the wires, becoming cyborg and becoming human, alone at the keyboard, together online. We are subjects of a realm which offers new ways of envisioning Self and Other(s), and where a global cyberculture is in the process of creation. Cyberculture is devoted to an examination of the new subjectivities and collectivities that are emerging. We are interested in the cultural, political, philosophical and psychological issues engendered, on all levels of the social.

The Cyberculture email list is not a community-forming enterprise as such, but a place to discuss culture and community online. The list will remain focused on these topics; it will also be a clearing-house for work-in-progress, calls for papers, and so forth.

One concern we hope to address is the way in which much theoretical work on cyberspace to date reflects an exclusive, hegemonic bias, thus foreclosing some of the most interesting and radical possibilities for the development of cyberculture. We plan to challenge ourselves and the list members to integrate issues of race, gender, class and multiculturalism in our examinations and theories of cyberspace.


On this site you will find more information on the Cyberculture email list and the Cyberculture Archive, the possibility to read and submit papers from Cyberculture subscribers. There is also the possibility to subscribe or unsubscribe the list online.